Video: Why Bump should be on your smartphone now

When it debuted in 2009, I took a look at Bump, the mobile app for iOS(s aapl) that wirelessly transfers data between a pair iPhones. At the time, I thought it was ingenious, because it initiated the transfer with a simple bumping of the two phones. Later the software arrived for Android(s goog), allowing for cross-platform sharing, and for a while I kept it on my phone. Over time, my usage dropped and eventually, I stopped re-installing it on new phones. Now it’s back.
In fact, Bump now has a coveted place on my smartphone home screens and not just for the original sharing feature. The team added a share to desktop feature for photos, and it’s stellar. To use it, you have to open a browser window to — which I now have as a dedicated bookmark in my browsers. Then, using the mobile application, you choose what objects you want to move from phone to computer. Finally, you “bump” the phone with the space bar on your computer’s keyboard. BOOM! Bump transfers the files to the computer in a split second.

This type of technology is welcome because at this point, we really shouldn’t be attaching smartphones to computers via a USB or other cable for data transfer. Our pocketable computers have multiple connectivity methods built in so to transfer a photo from one place to another, for example, wireless is the way to go. And the key feature here is the simplistic interface and action to initiate the transfer. There’s no network configuration, no IP addresses, and no pairing numbers to enter. That’s important for those new to smartphones.
Welcome back to my phone, Bump; I’ve missed you!