The weekend review: Facebook, Facebook Facebook (and data too)

Unsurprisingly, Facebook was the big topic of the week for GigaOM Pro readers.  Following the company’s huge IPO, focus has turned towards speculation about the company’s actual worth and its future prospects. Matthew Ingram presents a cautionary tale in “One big red flag for Facebook investors: Zuckerberg’s iron grip,” analyzing Zuckerberg’s cagey business tactics and his status as the majority stakeholder in the company. Ingram specifically looks at how Zuckerberg structured his super-voting shares in the company (under the advice of Sean Parker), and, now that the company has gone public, why investors should we wary of this corporate structure.
Next, David Card’s “Flash analysis: Facebook’s post-IPO prospects” breaks down the results of our reader survey, which gauged GigaOM and GigaOM Pro readers’ reactions to the IPO, and opinions on the company’s prospects over the next two to five years. Specifically, the analysis digs in to major questions around the company’s mobile monetization strategy, its potential as a major advertising platform, and what readers think about Facebook’s overall future.
Last, and finally veering away from the Facebook news cycle, Stacey Higginbotham looks at the rise of the software defined data center in “Forget networking, the data center of the future is software defined too.” Reporting on new products and services announced at the Interop show in Las Vegas, Higginbotham looks at some of the major players in the field, including VMWare, Embrane, and Calligo.
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