Take the get out of get-together

What better way to get people together than to not really get them together at all? Instead, give them the convenience of meeting virtually on your computer screen with join.me. Share your thoughts, ideas, pictures of your exotic fern collection or whatever’s on your screen. There’s no room to book, no stale bagels to offer. Having a meeting has never been easier. And what’s best of all? It’s free. Yes, free. Really.
It’s simple. Invite up to 250 people by sending them a code. All they have to do is visit join.me, plug it in and viola! Let the screen sharing begin.
There’s nothing for viewers to download, so sharing starts and it comes with some neat features, like Internet calling, chat and file sharing. If you want to take it up a notch and get the full join.me experience, you can upgrade to join.me pro and add things like presenter swap, international conference lines and personalized links and backgrounds that you can get all crazy with.
So stop double booking conference rooms and start meeting from the comfort of your own screen. It’s the easiest screen-sharing tool for meetings on the fly. Try join.me today.