Now Pinterest is where all cool kids want to work

Pinterest, which recently took in $100 million in funding from Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten, is fast becoming one of the hottest startups to work for in Silicon Valley. Whether its the $1.5 billion valuation or the fact that lots of people continue to flock to the site, talent is flying from companies such as Twitter, Quora and Yelp to the Palo Alto, California-based company.
This movement of talent has been a key indicator of a company’s ability to grow into a big platform. In the past, we have seen talent go to hot platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Pinterest seems to be following in their footsteps. Sarah Lacy from Pando Daily notes:

To wit: Both Faul and Schnitt followed Sheryl Sandberg from Google. They are precisely the kinds of executives who tend to follow the hot company once it’s getting serious about building a big company. They’re a league above the people who hop between second tier companies hoping for a lottery ticket. They’re the ones who are good at this game. That they’ve hopped Google to Facebook and now to Pinterest is interesting. It’ll be equally interesting to see how many follow.

Well here is an answer to her question. Pinterest already has become an attractive destination in particular for Facebook-ers (s fb) who are looking for the thrill of a small startup versus working for the big company. Pinterest has about 40 employees. Five of the top positions are filled by former Facebook employees.
These include Barry Schnitt, formerly director of public policy at Facebook, who now is head of policy for Pinterest; Don Faul, who is now head of business operations at Pinterest; Cat Lee, who is platform manager for Pinterest; and Tim Kendall, who was director of monetization at Facebook. Of course, there is Evan Sharp, a well known designer who is listed as the co-founder of Pinterest. Sources familiar with Pinterest’s plans say that it is going after Facebook for future employees, especially as it continues to scale its business.