Etsy: 1 in 5 visits is from mobile device

Six months after launching its iPhone app, Etsy says that nearly one in five visits to its site comes from a mobile device.
In a blog post today, the company said that it has surpassed 1.5 million downloads of the app (two months ago, it reached its one millionth download).
The New York-based marketplace for handicrafts also announced a few updates to its iPhone app. For buyers, the app now enables new ways to search for available items. Beyond browsing by category, visitors can now browse their Activity Feed and explore channels, such as “kids” and “home.” It also lets users customize the channels they see and it provides a more robust search engine so that users can search for people, as well as shops and items.
With the updated app, Etsy also said that it gives sellers a way to view their shop metrics on the go, including the option to receive alerts when they’ve made a sale.
Earlier this week, commerce site also released some mobile figures. Inspired by Kleiner Perkins’ Mary Meeker’s D Conference talk, in which she said mobile now accounts for 8 percent of e-commerce revenue, CEO Jason Goldberg dug into his own company’s mobile business.
His finding: “In short, it’s growing. Big.” On his blog, he wrote that Fab mobile revenue now amounts to 23 to 25 percent of weekly sales, and that’s just 30 weeks after they launched their mobile app. The lion’s share of the revenue (95 percent) comes from the iPhone and iPad, he continued, with the iPhone contributing 55 percent of weekly mobile sales and the iPad contributing 40 percent.