Scoop: Meteor gets $9M in funding

Meteor Development, the startup behind a hot, new real-time JavaScript framework, has scored $9 million in initial funding from Andreessen Horowitz, sources said. Company co-founder Matt DeBergalis had no comment on the funding news.
Meteor’s framework, as GigaOM reported in April, allows developers building web apps to work in “pure” JavaScript, and use the same APIs on both client- and server-side devices. The Meteor API works everywhere but development occurs on the local laptop with Meteor taking care of data updates and server synchronization. Developers commenting on Github and Hacker News really liked Meteor’s ability to perform “hot pushes,” which update code to users without interrupting their work.
Initial excitement about the framework was soon tempered by Meteor’s use of the General Public License (GPL) but in response to developer pushback on Github and StackOverflow, Meteor turned around and issued the code under the less restrictive MIT public license. That allows development of both open-source and commercial products.
Meteor, based in San Francisco, was co-founded by Geoff Schmidt, a co-author of the Miro web TV platform and co-founder of MixApp; DeBergalis, founder of the ActBlue fundraising platform; Nick Martin, another MixApp co-founder; and David Greenspan, author of Etherpad. The website features rave blurbs by luminaries including Posterous founder Gary Tan and Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskowitz.
Clearly, as evidenced by this funding, Meteor also has new fans among Silicon Valley investors as well.
Photo courtesy of Flickr user Dominic’s pics