Here’s your next task: Install Any.DO on your iPhone

It’s not often you hear this, but: One of the most elegant apps for Android is now available on iOS. The app is called Any.DO and it’s one of the best looking task managers I’ve used on any platform. When it first arrived for Android(s goog) devices, I thought I was looking at an iOS app to be honest.
The only thing that held me back from using it daily was the lack of cross-platform support. That changes now with a free version for iOS as well as a Google Chrome extension; your tasks are kept in sync through all three clients.
I’ve been using an early version of Any.DO on my iPhone 4S for the past few days and it’s no different from its Android counterpart. And that’s a good thing. You can view tasks by date — today, tomorrow, this week and later — or you can view them by folders, which are of course customizable. Task entry works through keyboard input or by voice; both methods work well.
To quickly add a task, you simply drag your task list down and Any.DO is ready to accept it. Tasks are easily dragged to different days, folders or can moved around in order. A quick task tap offers several options: priority, folder, reminder, notes and share.

Unless you’re a stringent user of the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology, I don’t see any major features missing in Any.DO for everyday task management. And with some subtle modifications, I think even a GTD follower could use the app. Since first using Any.DO last year, I switched over to Wunderlist, but I made the move reluctantly: I find Any.DO to be visually better and refined than most other task management apps.
Let’s face it: Task management activities typically aren’t what I’d call sexy. But Any.DO’s user interface makes to-do lists a little more glamorous and now that I can use the platform on my Galaxy Nexus, iPhone and desktop browser, my next task is to migrate to-do’s to Any.DO.