The GigaEU radar: This week in European events

Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee may mean that Britain is on an extended holiday, but there are plenty of events taking place across Europe this week for anyone who wants to know about startups, technology and the future. Here’s my pick of three you should take a look at.
European Data Forum, Copenhagen, June 6-7
This event looks a little dry, and doesn’t necessarily improve that impression by saying its aim is to be “a meeting place for industry, research, policymakers and community initiatives to discuss the challenges of Big Data and the emerging Data Economy and to develop suitable action plans for addressing these challenges”. But it’s also looks like a great place to find out more about open data, the semantic web, and other big data topics, and boasts speakers including Nigel Shadbolt and Rufus Pollock.
Frontiers of Interaction, Rome, June 7-8
Drawing together some of the best interaction and innovation practitioners across Europe — and fringe players like “cyborg artist” Tanya Vlach. Looks interesting.
TWIST Berlin vs London, Berlin, June 8
The endless question of which European city is the continent’s premier technology hub may be the startup equivalent of arguing over who is the tallest dwarf — but yet the arguments continue under the presumption that the answer really matters. Berlin’s donning its finest hipster gear and taking on Shoreditch by welcoming Jason Calacanis’ This Week In Startups for a grudge match special.