Another Color co-founder exits – this time for CakeHealth

Alyssa Solomon (left) with CakeHealth founder and CEO Rebecca Woodcock (right)

Another Color co-founder has split from the company. Alyssa Solomon, Color’s former CFO and co-founder, has accepted a new role leading business development at consumer health tech startup CakeHealth. She left Color earlier this year and told me Tuesday that she decided to join CakeHealth a couple of weeks ago,
Solomon is the latest executive to leave Color, which announced a live video streaming partnership with Verizon last month after its high-profile flop last year. Last summer, Color lost cofounders Peter Pham and Noah Fiedel, as well as chief product officer DJ Patil. Nine of the original 12 founders (including Pham) are still with the company, Solomon said.
Solomon, who worked on Yahoo Health when it launched in 1999, said she was excited by the company CakeHealth founder and CEO Rebecca Woodcock had created. When John Briggs, an early Yahoo employee she’d worked with who now runs product management for CakeHealth, reached out to her, she said she was intrigued by the opportunity. The San Francisco-based startup, which has been called a “ for health”, launched last fall with the goal of helping users easily manage their health care. As someone with children, who regularly manages medical expenses, Solomon said she understands its value and could see the business potential.
“The pain point is so obvious, the need is so great. I want to be a part of this,” she said.