Today in Connected Consumer

Is E3 still a video game show? It depends on what you mean by “video game.” Video game consoles and portable devices are still very much at the heart of the annual trade show but much of this year’s show has been given over to highlighting their non-game capabilities. Microsoft in particular announced a host of new video streaming services for the Xbox 360 and a new mobile app that lets users mirror content from tablets and smartphones on their big-screen TV via the Xbox 360. It also unveiled a revamped music streaming service. Sony made news with a deal with Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling to write the first release for the PlayStation’s augmented-reality peripheral, Wonderbook. Given the power of Potter, that deal could not have come cheap for Sony. Even where games took center stage the biggest news related to titles that are increasingly cinematic and less…well, gamey. Changes to the show could come as soon as next year, particularly if its forced to leave LA.