Shhhh, Larry Ellison’s about to tweet!

There’s a ton of cloud computing hubbub this week as  Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft and Oracle all host  gala events to strut their respective visions. So it’s telling that most of the buzz centers on what exactly, Larry Ellison will tweet some time tomorrow. And, I don’t think the interest has much to do with cloud.
Yes, the Oracle CEO has come to Twitter. Or at least he or a factotum set up a Twitter account on Monday, as disclosed at an AllThingsD conference.
The stats thus far: nearly 12,000 followers, 0 tweets. Oh, and 1 Fake Larry Ellison twitter account.

There’s  tons of anticipation among the media, yours truly included. Whatever you feel about the guy,  when he’s on his game, Ellison is one of the more engaging and most hilarious of the tech titans. With Ellison’s vast fortune, yachts, airplanes, movie cameos, the guy transcends tech.

Here’s my bet for his first tweet (hat tip to Kevin McLaughlin):

I might be a sailing expert, but I’m not going to go out of my way to keep Itanium afloat.

So, why is Ellison on the verge of tweeting now?
Well, there’s clearly pent-up demand among at least 12,000 people for some online Larryisms. Or maybe because Oracle and its rivals are paying big bucks for social network analytics capabilities to help them plumb the collective wisdom of Facebook(s fb) and Twitter so even pretending to care about social networking can be a bonus. Or maybe it’s because his daughter prefers Twitter to Oracle so he needs to up his cool quotient.
Whatever, we’ll be waiting and watching.