StatShot: Who’s buying tablets and watching more video

Smartphone owners are driving tablet demand in the U.S. as 23.6 percent of those with a smartphone now own a slate. The data comes from ComScore, which says nearly one in four consumers with a smartphone purchased a tablet between February and April of this year. Only 10.4 percent of feature phone owners, in contrast, accounted for tablet sales during this time period.
Video consumption on tablets continues to grow as consumers want movies and television shows on the go, but with a larger screen than offered on smartphones. ComScore considers a tablet to be a device with at least a 7-inch screen.
More than half of all consumers who own a tablet — 53 percent — watched video on their device during the three-month period, compared to a scant 20 percent of those who consumed such content on their smartphone. As a result, content providers could shift their efforts to improving tablet apps instead of those for smartphones.
Video consumption on tablets and smartphone still isn’t an everyday activity for most, however. ComScore says that only 9.5 percent of tablet owners and 2.9 percent of smartphone users watch online video daily. Still there’s opportunity there — are you listening HBO? — as ComScore found that 26.7 percent of device owners paid for mobile content.