UltraViolet creeps along – now up to 3M users

Eight months after launching, and two months since Walmart (s wmt) began pushing the movie cloud service in its stores, UltraViolet has managed to register around 3 million users.
The usage mark, confirmed with several individuals close to the program, is a significant uptick from the 1 million users reported in February.
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It is not, however, a sign that UltraViolet usage is increasing at the exponential rate some thought it might after Walmart stores began administering the service in mid-April.
At that time, studios vastly increased the number of titles available for the program, which lets users freely move among disc, download and streaming versions with a single movie purchase.
In addition to providing promotional support for UltraViolet — which is backed by every major Hollywood studio except the Walt Disney Company (s Dis) — Walmart also began an adjacent program called Disc to Digital in 3,500 of its U.S. stores.
In those outlets, consumers can purchase separate, cloud-based digital versions of their DVDs for $2 a disc.
Speaking to paidContent earlier this week, a home entertainment executive for one of the participating major studios said Disc to Digital remains “challenged” by training issues, with some Walmart staff still unable to effectively communicate the UltraViolet message to consumers.
Walmart officials have yet to return inquires for comment.