The weekend review: back to the future

Looks like Ray Bradbury is on everyone’s mind these days: This week GigaOM Pro readers focused on future-thinking content. Research on 3D printers and interactive TV interfaces — devices that could easily fit into Bradbury’s speculative universes — dominated this week’s most popular reads.
The 3D printing market has undergone incredible innovation over the past 24 months. With that explosion of growth, however, has come a mixed set of standards, definitions and expectations for both consumers and suppliers. Todd Grimm’s “A field guide to 3D printing” provides a nuanced breakdown of the current terminologies, technologies, applications and use cases in the existing 3D printing market. Above all else, Grimm’s piece (and its popularity among GigaOM Pro readers) highlights the necessity of establishing a comprehensive glossary of terms for the 3D printing industry at large.
Next, Alfred Poor takes a deep look at the future of television user interfaces, a thorny and convoluted space that includes physical gadgets, apps, interactive touchscreens, gesture-controlled devices and more. “Next-generation TV remotes and interfaces” wades through the mire and provides a short list of companies, technologies and trends to watch.
Last, in “How vulnerable is Google?” David Card takes a brief look at the antitrust battles between Google and European regulators as well as the company’s stagnating portfolio of products and services, questioning whether Google is losing its innovative edge.
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