Apple unveils dictation, “power nap” feature for Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Sixty six million Mac users will soon have the option to use dictation with third-party applications like Microsoft Word (s msft), receive notifications and messages to their computer as they would to their iPhone, and take advantage of a synced Safari browser with updates announced today to the OS X Mountain Lion operating system.
At Apple (s appl)’s WWDC conference today, the company announced several updates to the OS X Mountain Lion operating system, many of which users were able to preview earlier this year. The updates rely heavily on the iCloud and syncing of personal data across multiple devices.
Mountain Lion will be in the Apple App Store sometime in July, and will sell for $19.99.
Dictation software on the Mac will allow users to dictate text everywhere, including in Twitter and Microsoft Word, a new step forward in Apple-Microsoft integration.
With the iCloud messages and notifications, users will be able to get messages across their devices, from the laptop to iPad to iPhone. Changes to Safari include the addition on an iCloud tab, allowing users to pick up web browsing across different devices, which was announced in the preview earlier this year.
Updates also include the “Power Nap” feature for the laptop, which will allow refreshing of a user’s email, Photostream, calendar appointments and notifications while the laptop is in sleep mode. The device will also receive automatic updates without turning on the fan. And the new Mountain Lion will allow “mirroring” with the Apple TV, to allow users to show a presentation or slideshow on a bigger screen.