Amazon is major player for new internet names, bids include “.news” and “.book”

A list released today reveals that there are nearly 2,000 applications for new internet names like “.baby” and “.love.” Book giant Amazon (s amzn) has applied to control dozens of the new names and is in competition for several of them including “.app” and “.cloud”
While Google (s goog) revealed this month that it would be applying for names like “.youtube” and “.lol”, Amazon has so far been silent about its domain name ambitions. The process, which is being run by internet naming authority ICANN, offers an opportunity for companies to control new top level domain names that will join familiar ones like “.com” and “.org”
Amazon is the only applicant for a number of names like “.author,” “.audible,” “.fire” as well as its own name, “.amazon.” It is competing with other companies, however, for a number of names related to its core business such as “.books” and “.buy”. The competitors for the “.book” name don’t appear to be publishers but are instead internet companies that make money selling website names.
Amazon’s most interesting application may be for “.news,” a field where the retail giant has so far had little involvement. There are six other applicants for “.news” and none of these companies are recognizable news or media brands.
In the case of the names that have multiple bids, ICANN will evaluate the applicants on technical merits and in some cases have an auction. The applications cost a non-refundable $185,000 each and successful bidders will be obliged to pay high ongoing annual fees to ICANN. Many of the new domain names are expected to go live next year.
Here is a link to the rest of the list. We will have a full explanation of the new names and what they mean to consumers and businesses later today.