Why we’re excited for Structure: introducing the Mapping Sessions

Structure 2012 is right around the corner, and it’s bound to be a big one. The conference will take place on June 20 and 21 at San Francisco’s Mission Bay Conference Center, and it is celebrating its fifth anniversary. In addition to two packed days of panel discussions, workshops and fireside chats, we are excited to announce the Mapping Sessions series: an exclusive series of industry insight events for GigaOM Pro subscribers who are attending Structure.
Introducing the Mapping Sessions
In each of these highly interactive sessions, we will be mapping the competitive landscape of a given sector cloud market (see below for session topics), identifying major disruption vectors, discussing scenarios based on market forces and ultimately sharing sector road maps with the audience while encouraging further conversation and networking among all Mapping Session participants. We piloted our first Mapping Session (Hadoop in the enterprise) at Structure:Data this past March and incorporated GigaOM Pro participant feedback into our new, enhanced program design.
What we’re mapping
If you’re an active subscriber, you have already received an invitation to these sessions, which will be held on-site at the conference. But in case you missed it, here’s a brief summary of what we have in store:
Wednesday, June 20: IaaS endgame: commoditizing the data center

IaaS is not just about a software layer that pools and manages hardware resources. It’s also about transforming those hardware resources into standard commodity building blocks. What’s the future for data center commoditization?

  • How do you measure the extent of data center commoditization? Where does the commoditization of modularity end, and where does the differentiation of integration begin?
  • The data center business is all about scale: It’s a game for giants, and only the biggest will survive. Bye-bye, tier 2 hosting companies?
  • Is Facebook Open Compute a vanity project?

Thursday, June 21: PaaS, meet Darwin: survival of the fittest

Competition among PaaS providers is intensifying as the market moves from asking what PaaS is to wondering which PaaS to use. Choosing the right one is important, as moving your app and all of its dependencies over to a new PaaS is no fun.

  • As Amazon slowly creeps up the beanstalk into the PaaS layer, will it crush others running on its infrastructure?
  • With so many PaaS players, consolidation is inevitable. Who will end up where?
  • Private versus hosted/public PaaS: What are the limitations and benefits?

Want to contribute to the list of questions and possible scenarios? Leave your ideas and feedback as a comment below.
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