Netflix promotes Bill Holmes to chief business development officer

Netflix (s NFLX) announced Thursday that it has promoted Bill Holmes to the newly created position of chief business development officer.
Holmes, who arrived at Netflix in 2008 from DivX Inc., previously operated under the title of VP of business development.
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He’s credited by Netflix for helping the brand integrate its streaming brand into player devices made by such consumer electronics partners as Apple, (s AAPL) LG, Microsoft, (s MSFT) Nintendo, (s NTDOY) Samsung and Sony. (s SNE)
He’ll now lead Netflix’s quest to pursue partnerships with pay-TV and broadband service providers, as well as major retailers, as Netflix looks to embed its offering into the billing operations of other services, much like it has with Apple’s iTunes store.
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“Bill has helped make Netflix the killer app for the world’s leading electronics companies,” said Netflix CEO Reed Hastings in a statement. “In doing so, Netflix is now available on millions of devices and in over 25 million households in more than 50 countries.”
Netflix has made a number of key executive appointments in the last six months as it attempts to keep pace with the growth of its streaming business. Since 2009, revenue for the company has nearly doubled to $3.12 billion last year.