The weekend review: data, devops and the future of TV

Our comprehensive look at the future of the living room continues to draw readers. With the rise of smart TVs and social TV apps and an expansion of user interface models, the over-the-top (OTT) and IPTV market is poised for massive disruption. Patrick Moorhead’s “Opportunities for living room application platforms” analyzes the current hardware on the market, identifies trends and technologies that will impact the market in the near-term future, and provides a short list of companies to watch.
Next, Barb Darrow takes a look at the growing workplace trend of combining software dev teams and IT ops teams. Citing increased productivity, rapid updates to code and vastly decreased deployment times, she reports that companies of all sizes have been jumping on the devops bandwagon. In “7 things you should know about devops,” Darrow highlights the most important things you need to know before making the leap yourself.
Last, it looks like GigaOM Pro subscribers are doing their homework in advance of next week’s Structure conference: Jo Maitland’s “Sector RoadMap: Hadoop platforms 2012” received renewed attention as readers reviewed her primer on the Hadoop platform market, existing alternatives, market outlook, and predictions and recommendations.
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