On Structure’s 5th birthday, some video highlights to watch

In late 2007, in a conversation with my colleagues I pointed out that over the next decade or so, the Internet’s infrastructure was going to be transformed in a very fundamental manner. It would start with the proliferation of Amazon Web Service-style core cloud computing and would soon be followed by new services, new cross applications and a brand new data-driven reality. It would mean that we would see a resurgence of demand for bandwidth and need for a new class of networking hardware. We were headed to a more dynamic and synchronous Internet. “Why don’t we do an event to talk about all that stuff,” I wondered.
That conversation turned into an event and this week were going to hold our fifth annual Structure conference. From day one, it was clear that “Structure” was more than just cloud computing. Software-defined networks, a programmable data center, big (bandwidth) networks and massive data are constantly evolving part of the “structure” puzzle. You will see this full-stack vision at the 2012 version of the event.
In 2008, it was hard to find believers. Many remained skeptical of the notion of cloud. But there were a few who were fellow believers – thank you, guys!
Amazon’s Chief Technology Officer Werner Vogels(s amzn) was the first to sign up; he has been steadfast in his support and will be a speaker at the event. Over the years, Paul Sagan of Akamai has become a great supporter and he will return this year as well. I will be talking to him. Heroku’s Byron Sebastian, Adam Bosworth of Keas and Google’s Sundar Pichai(s goog) are other folks I will be chatting with on stage.
I am looking forward to seeing them and a lot of old friends. (I am going to miss the ever-colorful Salesforce(s crm) CEO Marc Benioff, who attended the event even when nursing a flu.) And at the same time I am looking to making new friends. But most importantly, I am looking forward to listening to experts and getting reeducated in the art and craft of our Internet. Here are the event details.
To mark the anniversary, we’ve put together a short video rewind and a small slideshow to get you ready for the event – Structure 2012: Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco. June 20 & 21, 2012. Reserve your tickets here.