A strong password that’s easy to remember (well . . . kind of)

Every day online accounts are hacked because of weak passwords. Go Daddy’s 24/7 Security Team recommends a few easy steps for creating strong passwords to safeguard your online identity.
This is critical because these passwords protect everything from your Web hosting to your bank account, yet 50 percent of all passwords can be cracked in a fraction of a second. But conventional methods for creating strong passwords result in something resembling Klingon, something hard to read and impossible to remember. For example, using at least eight characters, numbers, special characters and upper and lower case letters, we end up with something like:
T#[email protected]
which, while effective, is awkward to say the least.
Instead, select four random common words separated by single empty spaces. Here is an example: granite soap happy panel. They can be words straight from the dictionary but MUST NOT form a phrase or sentence. The resulting password would take an advanced computer hundreds of years to crack. Length is the great equalizer.
Use different passwords on different websites and rotate them often. A way to track these changes is to use a password safe like Password Safe or KeePass.
Make it hard for hackers to crack your password . . . and easy for you to remember. Go Daddy knows there are times when others need to access your online account. That’s why we created Go Daddy’s Account Administrator, so you can give the permission needed without revealing your password.