Today in Social

Apparently, after the initial overreaction to Facebook’s admission that no, it hadn’t figured out how to make money off its mobile users, it seems the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction. Yesterday, a Bloomberg story that Facebook was – are you sitting down? – working on targeted mobile advertising got surprising pick-up. This is news? Today some studies from Facebook ad partners show promising signs of mobile ad effectiveness. That’s unsurprising – it’s so early that the few ads a consumer would see are still benefiting from feeling unfamiliar, new and fresh. Click-through rates on web banner ads used to be high, too. Mobile advertising – much like social media advertising – likely will not be “more of the same.” It’s not a matter of lightly-targeted banners on social inventory or mobile screens that will generate advertiser spending. I’m less bearish than Jean-Louis Gassee, but both markets are depending on the industry inventing new marketing formats before they’ll actually pay off for ad buyers or sellers.