IBM wants to help you make sense of everything

If you haven’t heard IBM Fellow Jeff Jonas talk about how the right algorithm can help you figure out who’s who among a sea of data points, you’re missing out. The good news is you can now buy the finished product of the work that’s been consuming Jonas’s time for the past few years. Called Entity Analytics, it’s part of a new analytics software suite IBM (s ibm) rolled out on Wednesday.
Don’t let the name fool you, though, Entity Analytics is not just about people. Jonas told me recently it’s designed to identify relationships and entities for everything from data centers to supply chains to asteroids. He’s used the technology recently to assist in analyzing census data from the 1880s and in the maritime space to help keep track of ships.
For more background on what the product is all about now — and to get a sense of where it’s heading — check out this video of Jonas at our Structure: Data conference explaining his theory on piecing together puzzle pieces of data to create a picture with real meaning:

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Feature image by Pinar Ozger.