Facebook takes the like button to mobile partners

Facebook(s fb) announced Thursday that mobile developers using the company’s API will now be able to cleanly integrate Facebook’s iconic like button into their design, allowing users to perform the equivalent of a “like” within another app and then cross-posting that action to Facebook.
The development, announced in a press release on Facebook’s blog, makes sense as the company has grown and begun acquiring other mobile apps such as Instagram, and the tech world doubles down on mobile as the most exciting area of growth in social technology.
While it seemed like only a matter of time before an Instagram “heart” turned into a Facebook “like” posted to a news feed, this development will allow any mobile app using Facebook’s API to integrate just as seamlessly.
Apps that require a user to rate something — like a five-star rating for a restaurant, for example — will not be able to transform those actions into likes. And apps that do take advantage of the “like” feature will require a user’s permission to post that news to the person’s Facebook news feed, Facebook explained.
The development represents just another step in Facebook’s continuing integration into the mobile and social technology spheres. Just recently, Apple(s aapl) announced that Facebook would see integration with the iPhone in iOS 6, allowing users to more easily cross-post items to Facebook from their iPhones.