Today in Social

Some pundits never met a provocative quote they didn’t like. Forrester CEO George Colony thinks Facebook is toast because it hasn’t figured out mobile or apps yet. (Yet he loves Google, which is also struggling a bit with the thought of dramatic usage shifts to lower-ad-converting mobile platforms.) So far, mobile usage appears to be incremental to web usage, but if it starts to be a replacement, that does have some serious implications for companies whose cash cows include traditional online display ads. I suspect both Facebook and Google will have to do more than fine-tune their ad platforms to exploit mobile, but I also don’t see web usage going away anytime soon. Facebook has its share of challenges, but it’s well-positioned to ride cheap online ads, could easily beef up that business with flashier formats, and always hints at building an ad network. As for Colony, well, before he said Apple was in good shape this week, he said in April it was headed for a Sony-style decline. And apparently he’s not too bullish on cloud computing either.