The weekend review: the cloud, OTT video and Tesla

The cloud loomed large in GigaOM Pro readers’ minds this week as we headed into the fifth annual installment of Structure, GigaOM’s signature cloud- and data-focused conference. So it’s no surprise the related report, “Cloud computing infrastructure: 2012 and beyond,” topped the list as most popular this week. The beefy report includes briefings from six of GigaOM Pro’s best cloud analysts,and covers current market trends and future predictions for everything from chip and hardware design to security and compliance concerns in the cloud.
Next, our series on the connected living room remains popular: Larry Gerbrandt’s “Over-the-top video in 2012: trends and technologies to watch” looks at the current state of OTT programming and devices, especially as the rise of broadband subscriptions drives US demand for OTT services. Gerbrandt provides an overview of current market models, technologies and trends, as well as a shortlist of companies to watch.
And lastly, GigaOM Pro readers definitely did their homework in anticipation of Tesla’s Model S release this week with Katie Fehrenbacher’s flash analysis about the highly-anticipated electric car (now six years in the making).
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