Box opens OneCloud for Android

Cloud storage player Box is launching its mobile app framework OneCloud for Android(s goog) Monday, in advance of the Google I/O Conference.
This iteration of OneCloud — the iOS version came out in March — features 50 Android apps including Docusign Ink, Breezy, iAnnotate and Fetchnotes, said Chris Yeh, VP of platforms for Box.
Box, which promotes itself as the enterprise-class cloud storage solution, is trying to build an ecosystem of easy-to-use yet IT-acceptable services and add-ons for its storage service that users can access from their mobile device of choice. Box OneCloud for Android is available as of Monday in the Google Play Store and other Android app stores.  Box also introduced a OneCloud SDK for Android to make it easier and faster for developers to integrate their applications with Box.
The cloud storage game is getting fraught as more entrants flood in. Google, the godfather of Android, itself entered the fray with Google Drive in April and Box CEO Aaron Levie took to his blog to write about the new entrant in “When Elephants Attack.” Clearly, Google Drive has Box’s attention. (Google is expected to outline its broader infrastructure as a service plans at Google I/O.) But there is a wide variety of contestants including Microsoft(s msft), Amazon (s amzn) and myriad smaller companies fighting it out for business users. Don’t expect that to change any time soon.