Today in Connected Consumer

Traditional publishers seem to be moving in different directions with respect to Flipboard, the magazine-style reading app first deployed on the iPad but now available on Android devices as well. The New York Times, for the first time, is making all of its daily content available through Flipboard. Up to now, Flipboard users were limited to pulling in the Times’ various social media feeds, which offer only selected content. The catch is that the full content will only be available on Flipboard to authenticated Times subscribers, marking the first time the Times has integrated its paywall to another company’s platform. Yet while the Times is embracing Flipboard, Wired and The New Yorker are pulling back from the app. Where once Flipboard users had access to the full content from those publishers, they will now only have access to a hyperlinked headline and a few sentences through the app. To read the full story, Flipboarders will have to click through to the magazines’ own websites. Call it a split decision.