Today in Social

Lots of local activity in social and online media today. A local marketing services company, Momentfeed, says its data analysis implies that Facebook has shifted its feed algorithms to promote the company pages of specific local venues. I’m not sure how much faith to put in the source, and Facebook plays around with its news feed regularly. However, Facebook’s mobile monetization challenges have been discussed to death, and it’s a sure bet that localized communications, ads and offers will have to play a bigger part of a potential solution. Meanwhile, a peek in the iOS SDK shows that Yelp check-ins will be getting love in the next Maps app from Apple. Where does that fit in with Facebook and Twitter, and is Foursquare open to deals? And Google is feeling Maps pressure, and is cutting developer fees. Maps and search are very logical places to launch offers – maybe even more logical than check-ins, which still aren’t mass-market.