Square addresses #1 request: better security for multiple workers

Square, the mobile payment wunder-startup, is quietly growing up, adding new features that make it more appealing to bigger businesses and existing customers who are growing quickly. On Wednesday the company is taking on its most requested feature: unique log-ins for multiple workers.
Previously, Square enabled just one log-in for merchants, so every worker signed into the merchant’s Square account from multiple Square Card Reader apps using the same log-in. That was fine for many small businesses, but tens of thousands of customers deploy three or more Square devices, whether in one location or out in the field. The downside of having just one log-in was that any user would have access to sensitive account information and could in theory even route money to their own bank account.
Now, the Square Card Reader app will offer unique log-ins for up to 50 employees, so a manager can have them log-in separately to receive payments without getting access to the business account. This is good for companies with mobile teams of cleaners, plumbers, food delivers or landscapers, or merchants who deploy multiple Square readers in one location. It also provides a new way to track employees by providing better data on who is selling what. Previously, a business that deployed multiple Square readers would see all the transactions piled into one list, without the ability to discern which device or user handled a certain transaction.
Square told me that merchants haven’t reported any major problems with the single log-in. But multiple log-ins were the biggest need for merchants, who wanted an extra layer of security and management.┬áThe new log-ins also help Square as it tries to appeal to larger businesses with more workers. But the log-ins are only for the Square Card Reader smartphone app for now. The Square Register iPad app does not support multiple log-ins, which could be helpful for businesses who are trying to deploy the iPad app as their main payment tool at more than one location.