Instagram adds minor web functionality, ability to like and comment

Minor updates to Instagram’s website today come as the originally mobile-centric site begins to move further toward desktop interactivity. Users will now be able to like and comment on Instagram photos through the Instagram website, and they’ll be able to follow new users as well.
Instagram originated as an iPhone-only app, allowing users to upload, edit, like, and comment on photos only through the app. The startup, which was purchased by Facebook(s fb) for a whopping $1 billion, has since added an Android app.
While Instagram’s site still doesn’t feature a central feed or direct photo-uploading service, it does allow users greater functionality through their desktops.
Looking to comment on an Instagram photo on your desktop? Clicking on the Instagram URL for a photo, for example here, will take you to the desktop page for that photo, allowing you to comment and like that photo on the web. You can also use the drop-down menu next to a user’s name to follow or unfollow that account.
Here’s an example of what the new “Photo Page” looks like: