Maker Studios fires up Snoop Dogg partnership

YouTube-focused video producer Maker Studios has teamed with Snoop Dogg to launch a slate of exclusive programming for the hip-hop icon’s channel, WestFestTV.
According to VidStatsX, which tracks YouTube usage, WestFestTV has nearly 205,000 subscribers and has logged just under 100 million 1 billion views since launching in 2008.
But with his channel currently ranking only 968th across the YouTube channel spectrum in terms of views, according to VidStatsX, Snoop could use a little ratings help.
For its part, Culver City, Calif.-based Maker Studios works with some of YouTube’s top emerging talents, helping them develop their shows and monetize them. The company’s roster includes Ray William Johnson and KassemG, who both rank among YouTube’s top 25 unique viewer getters.
Videos produced by Maker Studios talent yield more than a billion views a month across more than 1,000 channels.
“My partnership with Maker allows me to take my viral video game to whole other level,” Snoop Dogg said in a statement. “I’ve been building it from the ground up and now we taking it to the top.”