Path integrates with Nike+

Path announced today that it has integrated with the Nike+ FuelBand(s nke), allowing users to track their movement throughout the day and receive motivation from friends using Path. The connection marks an important mainstream partnership for Path, which has struggled to gain widespread adoption from users.
Path announced in a blog post that users will be able to aggregate daily movements through Path and use the graph to see how they measure up, by tracking movements with the Nike+ FuelBand:

Maybe you dance in front of the pot on the stove. Maybe you carry your groceries in that little basket thingy instead of using a shopping cart. Maybe you sprint to the bus stop every morning. Because you like to be “punctual.” (Not “late.” Obviously.)

Path originated as a mobile-only social network that was intended to be for tracking your movements and emotions with only close friends, rather than your entire Facebook(s fb) graph. Users can follow and approve each other as they would on Twitter, and the service limits the number of connections they can have.
GigaOM wrote previously about whether Path might be the Instagram of mobile social networks, and where the company’s future might go:

Path, on the other hand, is limited and private and as a result cannot expect the same celebrity boost like Instagram, which benefitted from the presence of the likes of Justin Beiber. The difference in the two companies is reflected in daily active usage of Path(150,000) and daily active usage of Instagram (2.2 million) according to data accumulated by app data research group, AppData.

Integrating with Nike shows a move forward for Path, which so far has been more of a niche network with limited widespread use. The Nike+ GPS app has proved popular with iPhone(s aapl) and Android(s goog) users, and connecting with Path might keep users heading back to Path more often.