The iPhone at 5: a GigaOM retrospective

To live and work in the technology industry is to be obsessed with the possibilities of the future, and to not spend very much time thinking about the past. But there are some historical events that deserve reflection, and we at GigaOM are proud to present our thoughts on the fifth anniversary of the launch of the iPhone.
Few of us who were in this business that day — June 29th, 2007 — will forget the sense of anticipation and history that accompanied the countdown to the release of the iPhone. There was certainly a lot of silly hype, and a lot of bemused condescension from mobile companies such as Palm (now dead) and RIM (which might as well be). But the difference between the launch of the original iPhone and just about every other tech event before or since was the degree to which average people realized just how much this new product would change their lives.
Erica Ogg examines how the iPhone turned Apple into the most powerful technology company of the 21st century. Mathew Ingram, as big a news junkie as there is, looks back at how the mobile revolution uncorked by the iPhone has changed how we consume (and produce) news. Wireless carriers tried for years to do what Apple accomplished in a very short time but couldn’t put the pieces together, as described by Kevin Fitchard. It’s not just Apple who has reaped the rewards of the iPhone: Ryan Kim looks at the huge multimillion dollar businesses that have emerged from software development atop the iPhone.
And as only he can, Om Malik serves up a history lesson on mobile technology from the perspective of a guy who has heard every good pitch and every bad idea the mobile industry has come up with over the past decade.
Please share your iPhone launch day memories with us below, and take the time to read our thoughts on what has followed in the years since we all witnessed what will go down as one of the most important days in the history of computing.