A celebrity Fisker investor: Leonardo DiCaprio

Electric car company Fisker Automotive has a lot of investors — it’s raised a billion dollars in total. And turns out one of those investors is actor Leonardo DiCaprio.
Fisker says in a statement today that Leonardo DiCaprio is “an equity investor,” and he will also work with Fisker on marketing and promotion.
Fisker could use the help — the company has had its fair share of hurdles over the previous months and years. Though, a couple months ago, Fisker was able to close another $130 million in funding, and showed off its second car the Atlantic (formerly called Project Nina).
Fisker raised that money because the funds it was planning to use to build the Atlantic were going to come from the Department of Energy loan program, but the DOE stopped Fisker from drawing the remainder of those funds because Fisker didn’t meet the milestones for the loan.
As of May, Fisker says it had delivered 1,000 of its first car the Karma to customers in US and Europe, and that revenues for the first four months of 2012, “had exceeded $100 million.”