Apple: Crashing iOS apps problem resolved

Updated. An issue that caused the App Store to send out some buggy app updates to iOS users has been identified and fixed. Late Thursday Apple issued a statement saying it found there was a snafu with DRM code from one of its servers.
“The issue has been rectified and we don’t expect it to occur again,” Apple said in a statement to AllThingsD.
Since Tuesday some developers say they were inundated with complaints from users that recently updated apps were crashing and totally unusable.
Instapaper developer Marco Arment pinpointed the problem as coming from Apple’s own App Store and brought the issue to public attention on his blog. Over the past two days he catalogued more than 100 apps that were experiencing the issue up until Thursday. Apple stayed quiet about the problem until now, despite an outpouring from developers who felt left in the dark and unfairly victimized by bad reviews because of their suddenly unusable apps.
If you’ve recently updated an app that is crashing repeatedly, reinstalling the app appears to fix the problem.
Update: One developer whose app update was affected by the DRM bug says Apple has now removed some App Store user comments from their app reviews (the star ratings remain). You can see in the screenshot below of Readdle’s Scanner Pro 4.1 that there are no longer any user comments on the latest version of the app, which was updated on Wednesday. Comments on previous versions of the app remain.