Today in Connected Consumer

Mogulfest 2012, this year’s edtion of the annual gathering of media and technology chieftains organized by investment bank Allen & Co., opens on Tuesday in Sun Valley, Idaho,  Attendees are not given a formal schedule of the dinners, lunches and panel discussions until after they arrive, but we already know the menu will be heavy on Schadenfreude. Once upon a time, executives from old-line media companies bestrode Sun Valley like giants. But in recent years, upstart technology companies have been showing up and stealing some of the old guard’s deal-making and ego-messaging thunder. This year, however, with Wall Street humbling once high-flying tech companies like Facebook and Zynga, media companies say the natural order of things is returning. “Last year it was ‘holy s–t,’ these guys are geniuses,” one attendee told the New York Post. “This year we are feeling a little less wobbly. They have been humbled.” If I were Mark Zuckerberg I wouldn’t sit too close to Rupert Murdoch around the campfire.