Data-centric travel app Jetpac takes off with $2.4M from Khosla, former Yahoo execs

On Thursday the team behind Jetpac plans to announce it has raised a $2.4 million Series A round of funding for its iPad app, which lets you use your friends’ travel photos to search for vacation destinations. With this funding the app, which initially launched in the iOS App Store(s AAPL) April, is now backed by Khosla Ventures, Yahoo(s YHOO) founder Jerry Yang and Morado Venture Partners.
Jetpac is basically a really beautiful way of looking at your friends’ awesome travel photos. By linking your Facebook(s FB) account with the iPad app, you can see your friends’ snapshots sorted either by friend or by place. The company says it’s already indexed 750 million photos from Facebook. With the app’s new “atlas” feature you can browse your friends’ photos by where they were taken and Jetpac users can then mark places they’ve been, places they’ve loved and places they want to go to.
The founding team includes experienced iOS app makers and one former Apple engineer, Pete Warden, and with his data expertise the company has created Jetpac’s secret sauce — the app doesn’t suck in all of your friends’ travel photos, but instead uses an algorithm to detect the best 10 percent.
The team wants Jetpac to be an app with more features than just browsing pretty photos — it’s meant to be a less frustrating tool for travel search than simply googling or using a travel search engine. It’s betting that flipping through Facebook photos, something we all probably do, can easily double as either planning an upcoming trip or discovering new places you’d love to visit someday.