Fuzebox raises $20M to continue video-conferencing push

Fuzebox, a company that provides cloud-based visual communications technology for groups like Disney, NASA, and the Department of Defense, plans to announce Thursday that it has received a $20 million in Series A funding to scale its products and improve how clients can communicate remotely with high-resolution materials.
The round is being led by Index Ventures with participation from Khosla Ventures and Insight Ventures. The company is also raising $2.5 million in debt financing from Triple Point Capital, bringing the total round to $22.5 million. Mike Volpi, a partner at Index Ventures, will be joining Fuzebox’s board as part of the deal.
Fuzebox has been successful providing a high-resolution, secure platform for multimedia communication between enterprise executives, and they’ve gathered a wide range of clients along the way, including NASA, the Department of Defense, Disney, Reuters, and others.
Fuzebox’s products, such as Fuze Meeting, allow multiple co-workers to collectively view documents, screenshare, access files from the cloud, instant message, video chat, and gesture at images all while using either desktop computers or mobile devices. And as GigaOM has previously written, Fuzebox is being optimized for retina displays and 4G wireless.
Fuzebox CEO Jeff Cavins explained that many Fortune 500 companies use immersion-based telepresence to do high-quality videoconferencing among employees in different physical locations, and that Fuzebox is appealing because it can offer similar technology at a much lower cost. He said installing a single telepresence setup can cost anywhere from $40,000 to $100,000, whereas Fuzebox runs on a desktop application and the data connection can cost less than $100 a month.
Cavins said Fuzebox will use the investment to scale the company, improve marketing and communications, and figure out other products it can offer clients. He said the company is working on an application for Mac that will coming out within a few weeks.