Increase revenue with personalized video discovery

The pay-TV industry is getting busier, consumers are more sensitive to cost than ever before, and program licensing fees are rising. To protect their bottom line from these threats, providers need new revenue-generating strategies that simultaneously boost ARPU and deliver superior value to consumers but without increasing subscriber rates.
Moving forward, video on demand (VOD) and other premium content are going to play a significant role in the pay-TV revenue model. The fact that 96 percent of consumers are undecided about what to watch when they turn on the TV speaks to the importance of a discovery solution that surfaces revenue-generating content, in one common place, where it can easily be found and purchased.
With a personalized search and recommendations platform, pay-TV providers can remove the walls around VOD and premium catalogs and push relevant content to consumers to increase the number of purchases. The ideal solution adapts to each user’s ever-changing viewing preferences in real time and enables fast and easy discovery of engaging content through personalized search, recommendations and browsing, social popularity, mood-based recommendations, and a powerful business rules engine, which adds yet another layer of revenue opportunities.
By implementing a cross-catalog, data-driven solution that offers a variety of discovery methods backed by a powerful business rules engine, providers can reduce attrition and increase ARPU exponentially. Download our full white paper, “Personalization Drives Monetization: What Personalized Video Discovery Means for Service Providers,” to learn more.