Tips for preventing the iOS in-app purchase hack, plus 4 other Apple stories to read today

With so many people writing about Apple(s AAPL), finding the best stories and reports isn’t easy. Here’s our daily pick of stories about the company from around the Web that you shouldn’t miss:

  •  Following this morning’s revelation that a Russian hacker has found a way around paying for iOS in-app purchases, ZDNet offers some tips for app makers looking to protect themselves from this vulnerability.
  • Even though Apple is following U.S. policy about not selling goods that will end up in Iran, it’s not doing much good in keeping iPads and iPhones out of the country. Reuters has a report today detailing how the nearly 100 Apple resellers in Tehran have, despite the trade embargo, been doing great business selling Macs and all sorts of iDevices.
  • The Atlantic looks at Apple’s “annoying” habit of killing off older technologies before they’re actually dead, and how in the long-run it’s pushing us all faster into the future.
  • Digital artist Kyle McDonald has a fascinating retelling in Wired of what happened last summer when the Secret Service investigated him for his art project, which included installing software on the computers in a New York City Apple Store that collected images of random customers staring into a laptop’s screen.
  • In a piece looking at how major American companies contribute to the U.S. economy in ways beyond just hiring workers, The Atlantic notes how tech firms like Apple and Google rank among their peers in big business.