Former Gizmodo editor Brian Lam: start over, do what you love

For anyone trudging through another day at the office and deferring your quest for your dream job, may we present Brian Lam. After 5 years of running editorial at gadget behemoth Gizmodo, Lam was tired of writing up technology news that he felt just didn’t matter. So he left and started The Wirecutter, another gadget site, but this time he did things differently. No news, no features, no slogging. Just recommendations for the best gear. But The Wirecutter’s other purpose is to allow Lam to do stories about his true passion — the ocean — at his other site, The Scuttlefish.
In this episode of See Founders Run, Lam talks about how he started over, and offers up practical (not hokey) advice for anyone looking to pursue a dream job.
Brian Lam on starting over and rewarding depth over volume
Brian Lam on the intersection of passion and practicality