Scaling the traditional database: the NewSQL opportunity

The data community sometimes appears obsessed with overthrowing decades of practice, casting relational-database solutions aside in favor of newer NoSQL offerings such as Neo4J, Hbase and CouchDB. NoSQL tools are undeniably powerful, and they are being used to great effect in deriving insight from massive streams of data. But relational database technologies still have a valid role to play, and NewSQL products are coming to market that marry the familiarity of relational database querying — SQL — with the scalability and performance of NoSQL.
In this roundtable discussion, our panel of experts will discuss these topics and more:
• SQL, NoSQL, NewSQL: What are the differences, and which of those differences actually matter?
• What is the potential for in-memory data processing?
• What problems can in-memory solutions solve, and who’s benefiting today?
Speakers include:
• Paul Miller, GigaOM Pro Analyst and Founder, The Cloud of Data
• David Linthicum, GigaOM Pro Analyst and CTO and Founder, Blue Mountain Labs
• Marc Staimer, GigaOM Pro Analyst and President and Chief Dragon Slayer, Dragon Slayer Consulting
• Jags Ramnarayan, Chief Architect, GemFire Products, VMware
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