Great travel gadget: iKeep charges iPhone, micro-USB devices

Although the iPhone is well designed and easy to use, Apple’s included charger isn’t always practical for travel. The iKeep Charger is excellent for not just charging an iPhone but other devices that support a micro-USB connector, such as wireless headphones or a MiFi. After using it, I really think it is a must-have device on the go.

The iKeep Charger comes in seven different colors and includes a carabiner to attach to a belt loop, purse or laptop bag. This means wherever I go, I have a charger for my iPhone. The AC plug folds into the charger so it doesn’t stick out or jab into your leg (try carrying the standard Apple iPhone charger in your pocket and you’ll see what I mean). The device is compact, attractive and practical.

When you need a charge, fold the two-prong plug out and insert it into a standard outlet. The retractable cable extends out to about a foot. The connection to the iPhone remains firm and can protect the iPhone from falling out of your pocket or purse. While it will charge an iPad, it doesn’t provide the full 10W required to fully support the iPad.
The killer feature of the iKeep is the multi-function connector. Not only does it charge using the standard 30-pin dock, but it also has built-in a USB Micro connector for charging most other mobile phones and devices. I use it to charge my Jabra Sport headphones and my Virgin MiFi. I always have a charger handy for the most popular devices, and since I have a charger for all my friends, it’s improved my popularity as well.

While smart, the charger isn’t perfect. A blue glow when it is plugged in lights up the room and might be distracting at night. Additionally, the retracting mechanism was a bit temperamental. The instructions remind you to be gentle when extending and retracting as the cord can snag or pull out of the unit if you aren’t careful. Other than these two minor annoyances, the product performed exceptionally.
The iKeep charger costs $49.99 and is available directly from Poldera.