HBO deal ends Fox blackout on iCloud

Fox (s NEWS) has reached terms with HBO (z TWX) to relax rules in the studio’s pay TV contract limiting its distribution to cloud-based services such as Apple’s iCloud (s AAPL) and UltraViolet.
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A studio representative confirmed an agreement with Apple to make its films available for iTunes users to re-download previous purchases of Fox films through iCloud.
HBO’s contract rules meant that Fox movies like Prometheus were previously blacked out from clouds while they were in the HBO pay TV window, which starts around six months after DVD release and can extend for up to 18 months.
That means if you purchased the film through iTunes, and you deleted it from your notebook, tablet or smartphone, you couldn’t re-download it from iCloud while it was in HBO’s window.
Earlier in the year, Warner Bros. and Universal negotiated similar terms with HBO.