Today in Cloud

Microsoft claims it has over four trillion objects stored in its Azure cloud storage service, surpassing Amazon’s S3 cloud which it boasts stores about 2 billion objects. Microsoft said it processes an average of 270,000 requests per second, and reaches peaks of 880,000 requests per second. In April, AWS said its peak times could hit $650,000 requests per second. If Microsoft continues on its current trajectory it could reach 10 trillion objects stored by year end. Brow beating aside, the numbers demonstrate that public cloud storage is growing incredibly fast. Dell has caught wind of the trend and this week announced a $60 million early stage investment fund, called Dell Fluid Data Storage Fund, to invest in five to 10 storage startups. Storage is a huge market but with the growth of big data, and much of it in the cloud, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dell make investments in big data storage companies, particularly those with a hook into the cloud.