Why VMware bought Nicira? Two videos to watch

VMware  is buying software-defined networking startup, Nicira Networks, also known as VMware of networking for a whopping $1.26 billion. In case you were wondering why VMware is shelling out so much money, here are two videos about software defined data centers and virtualized networks. VMware wants a piece of both these markets. Martin Casado, CTO of Nicira is featured in both these videos.
From GIGAOM STRUCTURE 2012: After Software-defined Networks, the Software-defined Data Center
Once we have virtualized networking in the data center, we will have a powerful platform for delivering computing to a wider audience without the involvement of systems administrators. So begins the freedom to program data centers to optimally perform whatever applications we want to run on them.
From GIGAOM STRUCTURE 2011: From Openflow to Virtualized Networks
One of the hottest technologies around is virtualized networking. Based on the futuristic OpenFlow work from Stanford University, the technology promises a shake-up of the network infrastructure world. We talk to some of the leading startups in this area about deploying the technology in a big way. We ask what the technology is, what its applications are and what makes it so insanely great.