gathers $750K seed money to staff up mobile analytics, the startup that wants to supply the analytics platform for the mobile masses, netted $750,000 in new seed funding atop the $118,000 it already took in via TechStars.
Investors include 500 Startups, Data Collective and SK Ventures.
The new cash will go towards doubling the head count which now stands at six, adding support for Android and JavaScript and building an open-source Rails-based analytics dashboard for’s data visualization APIs,  according to company co-founder Kyle Wild.
As Derrick Harris wrote when Keen.IO won GigaOM’s Launchpad competition last month:

The thinking behind is pretty simple: No one should have to build their own analytics infrastructure, especially not mobile developers. It’s a long, hard, complex process that’s only made more difficult in an era where developers want to track a lot more metrics than just page views. So Keen built an analytics infrastructure….

San Francisco-based has set lofty goals for itself. One of its investors characterized its potential addressable market as: “One million developers, one billion connected devices, one trillion events per day.”
Voter Planet, an iOS app built using technology by Campaign Junkie LLC,  lets voters find the candidates running for federal office in their district, according to The San Antonio Business Journal. It will:

create personalized rosters of candidates they’d like to follow, track the latest polls, read news articles about races they follow and take part in app-wide polls  [and] political campaigns can use the app’s advanced features to connect with constituents via social media and offer live-streamed campaign events, fund-raising efforts and polls. sometimes competes with Flurry and in some situations when it’s used for non-mobile applications. “We’re like Twilio in that people use us rather than reinventing the wheel in house — they use us for analytics whereas they use Twilio for telephony,” Wild said.
“Our real competitors are in-house teams and technologies. People use us to do really, really custom stuff. And sometimes those in-house teams build on things like Omniture(s adbe) and Vertica(s hpq). [But] our market is really mobile,” he said. Omniture is a web analytics service now owned by Adobe Systems; Vertica is an analytical database that HP bought last year.
Here’s’s video from the TechStars’ Cloud conference in April: