After 2 days, OS X Mountain Lion adoption already outrunning Lion

Just 48 hours after being released to the public, Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion(s AAPL) is on pace for a faster uptake than 2011’s OS X Lion. As of Friday, Mountain Lion has been installed on 3.2 percent of all Macs, according to Chitika Insights.
Chitika’s data, which is culled from its extensive ad network, showed that Lion remained at 14 percent adoption still three months after it was released last summer. As the chart below shows, the most popular Mac OS X version is the version that came before Lion, OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, which is on 45.5 percent of Macs still.

Two possible reasons why the adoption of Mountain Lion is outpacing Lion: Mountain Lion is a bit cheaper than Lion at $19.99 compared to $29.99. But Lion was also considered a largely evolutionary upgrade and, as Om put it, was a confusing cacophony of new features. Mountain Lion, on the other hand, has been positively reviewed as a much better upgrade, and includes some very important pieces to Apple’s overall product vision, including iCloud.