Poll: Which screens will you use for the 2012 Olympics: TV, PC, mobile?

With the 2012 Olympic Games officially kicking off London on Friday, there are more ways than ever to watch the coverage. Here’s our list of mobile and online viewing options in the U.S. and I know that the BBC is offering the Olympics online as well.
While traditional television viewing is likely to rule the roost, I’m surprised by the very low estimates analysts are expecting for alternative viewing methods: Only nine and 16 percent in the U.S. and U.K. are expected to watch online coverage and mobile viewing will be even lower; seven and three percent respectively for the two countries. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I’ve already watched three early soccer matches on my computer and the games haven’t truly kicked off yet!

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There’s simply too much coverage — and not enough space on our DVRs — to watch every aspect of the Olympics you might want to watch, which is part of the reason I think the analysts will be proven wrong in the next two weeks. We’re becoming a world of shifting everything about media: Where we watch, when we watch and on what screen we watch. I know I’m thankful that 3,500 hours will be available online — here’s how YouTube and NBC are making that happen.
Perhaps I’m spoiled by my home and mobile broadband, however, and the analysts are right. Given our broadband-centric audience, let’s see what you think. Let us know in our poll all the ways you plan to view the Olympic Games — you can select all that apply — so we can compare the numbers to some of the data analysts are suggesting, which is TV first, PC second and mobile being an afterthought.
Here’s the viewing expectations by device and screen per the Perform Group’s Global Sports Media Consumption Report 2012 to give our poll results a related baseline to compare to.